Made by Malyia

Brass Progression Hoop


Made by Malyia offers bold and minimalistic jewelry designed with strong women in mind. More than a jewelry brand – Founder Malyia McNaughton hopes each piece serves as a reminder to live life on your own terms.

Made by Malyia is a jewelry and lifestyle brand founded in 2014 by Malyia McNaughton, a self taught designer based in Brooklyn, NYC.


Care Instructions | Brass Care

Composition 80% copper

Keep away from water or humidity

Store Hoops in a Box on the foam insert to avoid distorting the shape

The piece will tarnish over time, that is the beauty of brass. Proper care and maintenance is required to keep the piece from tarnishing as quickly.  To Prevent scratches do not stack or lay on top of each other without tissue paper or microfiber cloth in between. To help restore shine, Gently rub the surface using the included Made by Malyia soft jewelry cloth. Residue or fingerprints reduce the reflective nature and shiny surface.

Bonus tip to maintain shine: put your pieces on after you apply body lotion, makeup and perfume.

Due to the nature of the piece and hand polishing there may be slight variations. Handle with care, the piece is intentionally made slightly flexible. If needed, gently reshape and always store in a box received with purchase when not worn. If stored improperly the earrings and earring post could become damaged or weakened. Avoid overextending the piece or pulling on fabric.

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