Ordinary Habit

A Fruity Bunch by Manuja Waldia - 500 Piece Puzzle


A burst of energy and color come together in A Fruity Bunch by Manuja Waldia. As you piece together this market scene, you can’t help but feel as though you’ve been teleported to another place entirely. Manuja brings a delightful warmth and energy into all of her artwork—we can almost feel the sun on our faces and smell the fruity scents gently wafting through the air.

  • 500 piece puzzle
  • Completed size: 16” x 20”
  • Magnetic-closing, keepsake-quality outer box
  • Box Size: 9 ½” x 7 ¾”
  • Pieces finished with a soft-touch, glare-free coating
  • Drawstring cloth bag and artwork postcard included
  • Made with recycled materials

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