Mickalene Thomas

A Little Taste Outside of Love Silk Scarf


In collaboration with Mickalene Thomas and Third Drawer Down, we bring you A Little Taste Outside of Love scarf. This delicate silk embodiment of the 2007 piece communicates complex notions of femininity, power, identity and the relationships between. Featuring an all over print with hand rolled edges, this scarf provides a way to have the work of Thomas with you wherever you are. 

About the Artist

Mickalene Thomas is a distinguished visual artist, filmmaker and curator who has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally. She is best known for combining art-historical, political and pop-cultural references in her works and for her paintings embellished with rhinestones, enamel and rich acrylics that introduce complex notions of femininity and challenge common definitions of beauty and aesthetic representations of women.


Mickalene Thomas, A Little Taste Outside of Love, 2007.
Rhinestones, acrylic, and enamel on wood panel
108 x 144 inches (274.3 x 365.8 cm)
© Mickalene Thomas

Product Specifications

130cm x 100cm (51" x 39.3")
Silk scarf with hand-rolled edges
Packaged in envelope

Weight: 4 oz

Made in China

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