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Blue Mudcloth Handwoven Throw


Bespoke handwoven cloth throws in deep indigo color. Made in South Africa.

Patterns are assorted - please include in order notes if you'd like to request a specific pattern and we will accommodate based on stock availability! Items may vary slightly from image, as each is handcrafted individually.

Due to the small strip loom patterns, they are extremely time consuming to make.   Bogolan or Bogolanfini is Malian name for the traditional African mud cloth made in Mali. In the Bamana language, the term "Bogolan" or "Bogolanfini" means Mud cloth in English. The same term is also applied to the process of making these cloths. "Bogo" means earth or mud, lan means with or by means of and fini means cloth.

To make this cloth the artist uses a hand spun and hand-woven cloth on which he/she adds designs of his/her choice. The process of producing these textiles is exceptionally long and involves both men and women.

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