Jann Hi-Low Infinity Dress by ÖFUURË. 

Made with high quality African print wax fabric. Can be worn more than 10 different ways and adjustable to body size.  

  • Elastic Back
  • 2 side pockets
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Nigeria

Back of the dress is approx. 50 inches long from waist

Front of the dress is approx. 18 inches long from waist

MODEL IS 5’11 and Wearing size S-L with measurements as follows:

B- 34" W- 23" H- 39”

Ofure is an Ishan word meaning "it is well".  Launched in 2015, ÖFUURË has continued its dedication to creating versatile pieces that highlight lively colors and beautiful patterns of the African continent and celebrate women of all shapes and sizes.  It is an award-winning African fashion brand, featuring beautiful pieces with vibrant prints and bold patterns for everyday.


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